A bikes does not
grow with you.

The bike that grows with you? Unfortunately, that's just as much nonsense as a helmet that grows with you. We don't want to denigrate our competition. Just this much: unfortunately, a child is far too often put on a bike that is far too big far too early.

When a child has grown about 10 to 15 cm, the bike no longer fits perfectly. In addition, there is a transition zone of about 5 cm up and down. Children grow out of their bikes like they grow out of shoes or helmets. At NIZE, you benefit from the experience of our Whizzz Store, where we collect and evaluate our own statistics and research on the perfect bike size.



The Fun-Zone

In the Fun Zone, biking is especially fun because the bike becomes lighter and more agile in relation to your body. You love the agile, smooth riding but you are slowly growing out of it and should think about switching.


The Transition-Zone

Optimally, you can still use both bike sizes and switch back and forth a bit.


The Grow-in-Zone

The grow-in zone is the area where you are hungry for progress and have just moved up to the next size bike. Riding off-road is less agile, dangerous situations can't be handled as confidently and technical sections are more strenuous. But it gets rapidly better with time.


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