The heart of the bike: inspired by the best trail and enduro bikes on the market, adapted to the child-specific anatomy. 100% fun geometry, completely nize, developed in Amtzell and 100% manufactured in Germany.
Perfectly constructed: parallel lines so nothing rattles. A balanced centre of gravity for the necessary fit in the bike and little risk of collision with the ground. Nice and short for the necessary playfulness on the trail.
Cable Feeding
Aesthetic, clean, refined.
Really nize: the matte black, extremely high-quality paint from the automotive industry. With lotus effect, so you ride more and clean less.
On the stem, the Manitou Machete Junit with 120 mm travel is nothing but fun when it gets rough. And with bold jumps, it offers a nice progressive characteristic, ensuring that there is no puncture.
Who can stop you?: The powerful Shimano BR-MT400 is perfectly fitting the small kids hands. The 180 mm rotor at the front wheel stops you on time and the 160 mm on the rear wheel gives you the needed sensitivity.
Not cool when someone stands you up, but not with us: With the Kind Shock Rage-i Vario, the saddle position is always optimal - with full riding safety and pedalling efficiency.
The soft DDK saddle is a few grams heavier but has absolute couch qualities.
Drive train
With the Shimano Shadow Plus and the Narrow Wide chainring on the species-specific crank, the chain no longer jumps off and climbs become a pleasure. Although this circuit could do 11 gears, with a gradation of 11-42 teeth, 10 options reduce complexity, and you can be more focused on the nize ride.
Who has a NIZE ONE over them, must be able to stand their ground: The WTB STX i30 are tubeless ready and have real taker qualities. Exclusively manufactured for NIZE in Europe.
The main thing is round, no? Not with the NIZE ONE: The all-round version comes with Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires ore the Vee Tires Crown Gem. Alternatively, the Enduro mixed tires with Schwalbe Jack of all trades in front and Rocket Ron in the rear make decent headway.
Say my Name! Because a ONE is a ONE and not basic, makes for a nize brand imprint, like on a horse. A business card for eternity. It has earned it, without the cruelty of course.
P.S. By the way, MIG stands for Made in Germany.
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NIZE ONE 24. The Enduro-Hardtail from the way to school to the Bikepark. ONE for all.



A NIZE ONE is not a soulless mass-produced bike. A NIZE ONE is like a good friend. It makes you chuckle. It's always there for you. It rides with you through thick and thin, over hill and dale, from morning to night, from school to your favourite trail. Not one to stand you up. You can count on it: With a NIZE ONE, fun is guaranteed. Wherever you go.


These 24'' ride in a different league. With a geometry that is designed for maximum fun. On tours, on climbs, through trails, in the bike park. A hard trail enduro that combines the best.

With maximum pedalling efficiency. With an aggressive geometry. With a flat steering angle for downhill safety and good flying characteristics. With a short chain stay to steer it agilely and nimbly through the tightest passages. With fat tires. With a potent suspension fork for sufficient suspension travel. And with a dropper post, which is already internally routed as standard in the Black Series.

Ein Bike für alle Anforderungen, egal ob bergauf, bergab, in der Luft oder bei flachen Touren. Die perfekt ausbalancierte Rahmengeometrie mit Wohlfühlfaktor macht das ONE zu einem Bike, welches dir auf's nächste Level hilft!
Der Rahmen ist zu 100 % in Deutschland hergestellt - für stetig kontrollierbare Qualität und kürzere Transportwege.
Der Umwelt zuliebe verbauen wir kein Carbon an unseren Bikes, denn das wäre Sondermüll.
Alle Komponenten sind gut überlegt und stellen immer eine Balance aus Gewicht und Funktionalität dar.
Unser Pulverlack ist witterungsbeständig, widerstandsfähig und schlag- und kratzfest. Für eine langlebige Qualität über 12 Jahre - sogar lösemittelfrei.


Specs for the cracks.


Maximum equipment, no compromises, highest performance: fully integrated, adjustable seat post, the perfect handlebar, tuned tyres (tubeless on request), Rainbow chain... All this not only sounds really cool. The Black Series also rides like it.


Perfect for all those who want to concentrate on the essentials when it comes to fun: With its well thought-out components, the Essential does the ideal balancing act between top quality and optimum price - with an identical frame.

Weight from 10,7 kg from 10,7 kg
Suspension Manitou Machete 120 mm RST Snyper 120 mm
Derailleur Shimano DEORE RD-M5120 10/11-fach Schaltwer
Trigger Shimano DEORE MTB RD-M6000 10S
Crank NIZE Customized 130 mm, 28Z // 32Z Narrow-Wide, Q-Faktor: 155 mm
Cassette Elite Faith 11-42Z
Chain Elite Faith Rainbow Super Light Shimano 10S
Bottom Bracket 68 mm BB-Standard, screwed
Brakes Shimano BLMT401/BRMT410 Hydraulisch
Disc SuperLight VA: 160 // 180 mm; HA: 160 mm Light VA: 160 // 180 mm; HA: 160 mm
Bar ProTaper J-Unit Stealth Black 680 mm NIZE Customized all black 660 mm
Stem NIZE Customized 35 mm (Grow-up Optional zusätzlich 45 mm)
Grips ProTaper 23 mm (NASA database optimized) NIZE Customized all black Rubber slim fit
Hub front Quanta 15 mm Superlight Quanta Quick Release Superlight
Hub rear Quanta Quick Release Superlight
Rims WTB STXi 30 WTB STXi 29
Tire front Rocket Ron Super Race 2.35 // Hans Dampf 2.35 Rocket Ron 2.10
Tire rear Rocket Ron Super Race 2.35 Rocket Ron 2.10
Tubes Schwalbe // Tubeles Schwalbe
Seat post KIND SHOCK Vario Rage-i Remote, 75 mm Hub NIZE, Quick Release
Saddle DDK super soft, NIZE Customized all black
Pedals Superlight Nylon 290 g/pr

the frame.

The frame. The heart. The soul of our NIZE ONE. For this, we studied the most modern enduro and trail bikes, incorporated our own experience and pursued one goal in cooperation with mountain bike clubs and talented kids. And achieved it: the optimum. Made in Germany, of course.

The 65° steering angle is state-of-the-art. The seat angle is nice and steep. The relatively long reach was combined with an ultra-short stem so that the bike remains compact and runs smoothly. The wheel size? Actually, always a compromise. Big rolls better over obstacles, but is harder to accelerate, takes away agility and handling. That's why we decided on 24'' and gave it a 120 mm suspension travel. Since obstacles don't get smaller for kids, the fork has to do all the work with a flat steering angle. However, the wheels are not simply pulled up, but continue to provide maximum fun in proportion. The legroom in the stand over position is 62 cm and in the lowest saddle position 65 cm. Learn more about the size chart and further information on the right bike size here. Have a click through.


Mountainbike Rider Magazine
UNSER FAZIT Es ist immer schwer, aus jungen Testern ein reflektiertes Fazit herauszubekommen. Aber das beste Ergebnis ist doch, wenn die Tester am Testtag das Grinsen gar nicht mehr aus dem Gesicht bekommen. Und das zeigte uns, wie gut das Konzept funktioniert. Nize präsentiert mit dem neuen Enduro-Hardtail eine vielversprechende Alternative, die mit durchdachten Komponenten, einer angepassten Geometrie und dem coolen Badass-Look das Gesamtpaket perfekt abrundet. Wir haben nichts zu bemängeln und können euch nur empfehlen, unbedingt mal selbst bei Nize vorbeizuschauen.
"...Enduro Lenkwinkel ist super gut. Damit kommt Johannes super sicher auch Wurzelpassagen runter ohne sich über den Lenker lang zu machen ...Ich fand jetzt nicht, dass er mit dem Rad schlechter auf dem trail gefahren ist als die Fullys..."
Sehr gute Klettereigenschaften und Mega Performance bergab... was will man mehr!
"... auf Wurzelpassagen war das NIZE genauso schnell wie die vollgefederte Konkurrenz..."
Das beste Bike das ich je gefahren bin!
Ich liebe das Bike. Es sieht so cool aus! Ich traue mich überall runter zu fahren, es macht einfach spaß zu biken!
Haupteinsatzgebiet: Trails und Bikepark. Motto: Mit dem NIZE geht das schon,...
Luca Nierychlo
8 years-german rider
"Das Bike klettert gut, ist leise und macht super viel Spaß bergab und in der Luft"
MSC amtzell Teamfahrer MTB
"Ich fühle mich auf technischen Passagen super sicher ... !"



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